Thanks for dropping by, I am Bogdan Mitrache. I’m kind of an introverted guy (but friends disagree) who for some reason gets a kick out of building great products.

I’m currently the Head of Product at Advanced Installer (I wear a lot of hats), but whatever I ramble around here does not reflect the opinions of my employer.

the WHY?

Because every small step we take is a choice that leads to building a habit.

I’m a numbers fan, so I try to focus on small marginal improvements for my habits, they tend to compound 😉

Writing helps me think clearly and meet interesting people.

Build the right habits…

Some of my work @ Advanced Installer

Many of the topics I’ll cover on this blog apply to different industries. Even better, they are (should be) domain agnostic.

Remember: The journey is the most important part, not the outcome.