If you didn’t know yet, you’re reading Bogdan Mitrache‘s blog. He’s a cool guy, with an introvert nature, who for some reason gets a kick out of building great products.

He’s currently the Head of Product at Advanced Installer, but whatever he rambles around this blog does not reflect the opinions of his employer.

the WHY?

Because every small step we take is a choice, that leads to building a habit. Again, it is our choice if that is a good or bad habit.

I’m a numbers fan, so I try to focus on small marginal improvements for my habits, they tend to compound 😉

Build the right habits…

While I am starting this blog with my initial desire to help change the way we build and sell software. To put it more precisely, to move our local(Romanian) IT businesses from a services dominant market to a products/solutions market. A market where most companies will build and sell their own products instead of timesheets.

Many of the topics I’ll cover apply to different industries. Even better, they are (should be) domain agnostic.

Remember: The journey is the most important bit, not the end result.