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How to Electronically Sign a PDF for Free

How do I fill in and sign a document in 3 simple steps?

1) Convert that document to PDF format.

If the document is not already a PDF you can save it as a PDF as follows.

  • For Word documents. Files -> Save As -> This PC -> select file type and give it a name.
  • Google Docs. File -> Download -> PDF Document

If you have an office file (.docx) but you don’t have Office installed you can import it into a new G Doc file.

2) Install Foxit Reader, the free edition.

3) Configure/draw (with a mouse) your signature in Foxit Reader.

  • open any PDF file, doesn’t matter if it is the one you want to sign or not
  • go to PDF Sign tab (option found under Protect tab for some versions) and click on “+” icon to add a new signature

4) Apply the signature

  • open the PDF you want to sign and go to the page where the signature is required
  • go to PDF Sign tab, you should now find there your signature
  • click on your signature and move the mouse course over the position where the signature must be applied
  • double click to apply the signature and save the document. You’re done ;).

Here is a short video guide for the steps described at point #3.

5) Optional, how to fill in a PDF document.

  • ¬†open the PDF with Foxit Reader and locate the page you need to fill in
  • in the Home tab locate and click the “Typewriter” option
  • click on the are of the page you want to fill in and start entering your text
  • save the document. You’re done ;).

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