What’s the NEXT action?

Every time you feel stuck or you’re getting started working on a big project ask yourself this: What’s the next action? That’s all you need. Once you have a clear answer to this question focus on accomplishing that action and put everything else on hold. Of course, deciding the next action is much more complex,…Continue readingWhat’s the NEXT action?

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Good technical writer – Bad technical writer

Writing technical content: articles, user docs. A task dreaded by so many people, especially those building software products. It’s easy to forget that the docs are just as important as your code. Good documentation can mean the difference between average and great products. For some years now, I have been involved in creating content for…Continue readingGood technical writer – Bad technical writer

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How to Electronically Sign a PDF for Free

How do I fill in and sign a document in 3 simple steps? 1) Convert that document to PDF format. If the document is not already a PDF you can save it as a PDF as follows. For Word documents. Files -> Save As -> This PC -> select file type and give it a…Continue readingHow to Electronically Sign a PDF for Free

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F11 – Step Into

The internet and the software running over it has redefined our global borders, especially from a business standpoint. Globalization gets a new meaning when we talk about internet businesses. All of a sudden the entire world opens up as a potential customer, competitor or employer.Continue readingF11 – Step Into

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Focus on Deep Work

Multitasking is not what our brain is optimized for. You might feel productive when jumping all day between tasks or answering all the questions you get from your colleagues, but you are NOT. Sitting down at the end of the day/week and analyzing what you actually accomplished will allow you to realize that, and hopefully…Continue readingFocus on Deep Work