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How I Built Our Marketing Team, 15 Years After Launching

Advanced Installer is the product our team has been working for over 15 years. This article talks about how I built our first marketing team, in 2019. Enjoy 😉 As a developer, you invest months, if not years, in turning an idea into a reality. When the time to launch comes, you expect the customers’…Continue readingHow I Built Our Marketing Team, 15 Years After Launching

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Good technical writer – Bad technical writer

Writing technical content: articles, user docs. A task dreaded by so many people, especially those building software products. It’s easy to forget that the docs are just as important as your code. Good documentation can mean the difference between average and great products. For some years now, I have been involved in creating content for…Continue readingGood technical writer – Bad technical writer

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“Say NO” to paying users

Building software products means constantly listening to your users and iterating on the product by taking that user feedback, analyzing it and deciding which improvements will help your users the most. Obviously,those will be the features that will help your product grow too. I published this full story on Medium, before launching this dedicated blog: reading“Say NO” to paying users